Termin Cena* Uwagi
1.05 – 31.06 550 zł minimum 2 nights
27.06 – 31.08 (summer holiday) 550 zł minimum 5 nights
1.09 – 31.10 550 zł minimum 2 nights
1.12 – 20.12 550 zł minimum 2 nights
21.12 – 3.01 (Christmas and New Year’s Eve) 800 zł minimum 6 nights
Winter period 550 zł
Easter 550 zł


*All prices regard the renting the house for one night

A house can hold 7 – 8 people.

  • Each of the offered house has a complimentary Access to a broadband Internet connection (Wi-Fi) and is Fully equipped with audio visual appliances.


  1. A guest is obliged to follow rules of the Holiday farm and to utilize the accommodation by terms.
  2. All formalities connected with registration and payment for the stay should be carried out on the arrival day. At the registration you are obliged to hand in an identification document.
  3. Accommodation day starts at 2 p.m. on the arrival day till 10 a.m. on departure day.
  4. In the territory of the settlement there is a silence period from 10pm to 6am, with the exception of events arranged earlier with the hosts.
  5. Guests get a set of keys, which they are obliged to return on the departure day. Losing the keys results in a penalty fee.
  6. During the stay, guests keep order in the rooms and all communal spaces themselves..
  7. Guest has full liability, including financial, for every defect or damage of objects, equipment and appliances caused by one’s actions or action of other’s for whom one is responsible (e.g. Children). All defects should be reported to the host. We reserve a right to claim compensation for the damage after the stay in accordance to civil code.
  8. Hosts have no liability towards guest’s possession. When leaving a room, one should obligatorily lock the door       and windows.
  9. The guests can not without host’s permission invite any additional people for a night’s stay at the Holiday farm.
  10. There is an unwatched parking space available. The hosts have no responsibility for any damage on the cars caused by third party.
  11. For the stay of children and any underage people, parents/custodians bear full responsibility.
  12. Host have absolutely no responsibility for any guest’s action outside of the farm.
  13. Smoking is prohibited in the whole house.
  14. We allow the stay of pets at the farm after paying the fee and arrangement with the host. The pet’s owners are obliged to clean after their pets
  15. Guest visiting the Holiday farm are obliged to follow the rules of the farm as well as the Health and safety and fire rules.
  16. The temporary user has full responsibility for the hired tourist equipment (canoe, bicycle).
  17. The reservation is considered valid after the 30% prepayment is made within 48 hours from the booking. The prepayment should be transferred to:
    05 1750 0012 0000 0000 1265 2305 Elżbieta Kaczmarek, ul. Ziębicka 29, Poznań 60-164
  18. Making the prepayment, the guest implies that the guest is aware of the rules of Holiday farm.
  19. In case of resignation of the booking or later arrival/departure no Money return is provided.
  20. In some exceptional situations we reserve the right to cancel the reservation maximum 14 days before the arrival date.
  21. All the matters not regulated by these rules are decided upon host’s decision.
  22. The hosts are available for explanation and advice concerning any disputes connected with the rules and ask the guests to follow the rules.